February 3, 2017

Forgive me a moment just whilst I vent my frustration – we live in a society where we get judged for our every move. Girl’s get put down because they aren’t ‘perfect’ Guys also.. But this is from my point of view from the girls in this worlds point of view.


We live in a society where the ”definition” of perfect is a thin girl who has flawless skin and beautiful long beach waved hair and not all girls have them qualities unfortunately – we aren’t all born like the ‘perfect’ barbie’s we used to play with when we were kids. We don’t have her 16-inch waist or her fragile 3.5 inch wrists or her 6 inch ankles or even her flawlessly plastic complexion or her long blonde hair. But everybody looks up to that ideal standard but I’m pretty certain everybody reading this thought that barbie was perfect but if we were like that doll – we’d walk on all fours because our ankles wouldn’t be able to hold us and we wouldn’t have enough room for our intestines and all these horrible things and that is not the idea of perfect we should have got into our heads from a young age or a doll we should give to a child who can be so fooled into that ‘definition’ of perfect like we are now.


What happened to loving ourselves?

What happened to liking ourselves?

What happened to showing ourselves off?


Society happened. I don’t go a day without seeing someone who isn’t happy with themselves – who isn’t battling against this ‘definition’. Who is trying in all there mind to become perfect,to lose weight,dying their hair,putting on makeup,hiding who they truly are for a society who doesn’t give a toss about someone who isn’t ‘perfect’. How about we get into our head that everybody is perfect?


How about we forget about that girl/boy that has spots on their face and actually get to know the real them? Get to know how ‘perfect’ everything else is about them? So what if they have spots on their faces – so flipping what.

How about we forget about that girl/boy who has a ‘curves’ on them or doesn’t have a six pack and actually get to know the real them? See their ‘perfect’ face? See their ‘perfect’ personality? Get to know them for who they truly are and not just judge them over there looks.


Because really in society you can’t be in love with someone just because of how beautiful they are – you have to love every single little thing about them not just how they look on a morning,afternoon or night. Get to see them in there real light. See their smile when they do something they love doing,going to gigs going to festivals spending time with their family – know them for who they really are.


‘Perfect – having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.’

The real definition of perfect ‘as good as it is possible to be’ be the best that you can be and if you have curves – so what? if you wear glasses – so what? if you have spots – so what? If you don’t have perfect hair – so what? Etc etc – Be the best you that you can be because that’s all anyone SHOULD ask for.


So stop saying you’re not good enough. Stop forcing yourself to be quiet. Stop hating yourself. Love yourself. Stand up straight. Wear the clothes you feel great in. Speak your mind. Have an opinion. Share your views. Seek opportunities. You are worthy and deserving of a beautiful life. Stop believing that you are small and insignificant. You are more. You are more than what you do on a daily basis. You have more voice than you let yourself use. You have more personality than you let yourself share. You are not defined by your looks, your wardrobe, your pay or the car you drive. You are more. You are already who you want to be, you simply just have to give yourself the permission to be you.

Learn to love yourselves guys. Give yourself the credit you deserve.


Whatever gender you are and introduce yourself is beautiful and not everyone out there can be like the models that set the silly standards for industry. Please always take a moment to realise whatever you see on the outside can be totally different to the inside and whatever you see inside can be totally different to the outside. Everyone is beautiful.


So this is ellie louise hirst. A little bit of me with every blog post.


Love what you do and do what you love.



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