Moving Out

February 2, 2017

I recently tackled moving out into the big wide world - I say recently... it's been a well over three months.


This process was something that I had been dying to do for such a long time. I have loved the idea of moving out ever since I started second year of college whether that would be moving out for a normal reason (which I could never ever afford) or move out to university. I have wanted to get away from Huddersfield for a long long while, I had lived in the same place being around the same people for 18 years, I had lived in Marsden for about five years and then moved to Meltham and had stayed in the same house from the age of five till 18. And sadly it got to the point that I was having the same thing day in day out and I'm not saying that I love change, because if I'm honest I really don't like change - but I knew I needed to get away. 


On the 17th of September 2016 I filled my mums car to the brim with all my stuff that I had collected over the past 18 years, all my clothes, makeup everything and lets just say it was a squeeze. And set off to Lincoln University. I had had the goodbye with all my family and friends for a while until Christmas at the latest, which were kind of emotional. It was emotional leaving my bestie but I have seen her since leaving so it makes things a little bit easier.


I got to my accommodation and had half an hour to move all the stuff from the car up to my room and just shoved it in there to get everything in. Me and my dad went to the kitchen and loaded all my kitchen stuff and my mum made my bed and moved things around in my bedroom. We went to Morrisons to get my food which lasted me around a month. I had late lunch with my parents and then it was time to say goodbye to my parents which killed my mum and dad a little bit. I then went and had a social with my flat mates and got to know everyone. It was beginning to feel real.


Here I am a month later, writing this blog post after being THE most nervous to meet and live with new people and I am absolutely in love with it. It doesn't half feel nice to walk in from a day at uni shove my shoes away and talk to my flatmates and just live with people you REALLY get along with. Not saying I didn't get on with my parents, it's just nice to come home to people who are your age and are doing the same thing as you - i.e. living away from home. (as all my flatmates moved away). 


I hate to say it and I know my parents will at heart want me to be disliking it and wanting to come home every weekend, but i'm really not. I am loving being away from home, theres new people, new situations, new everything and to be honest who wouldn't love that deep down? It has been hard, there has been some ups and downs but this month has been one of the best months of my life. Living with five other girls who I adore is the nicest feeling. Going out in a new city is always a good one as well, new clubs, new people, new music, new atmosphere's everything. Also great living here because alcohol is cheap on a night out;).


But no, overall I have had a smooth transition of moving away and I know not everyone will maybe have as smooth as a transition as me. But i'll tell you this now, if you have the opportunity to move out if you can afford or move away to uni - I highly recommend, especially if you love the uni that you are studying at. I will probably do a top ten tips to settling into uni and halls as with my uni room tour, but one piece advice quickly to moving away. Get Skype and or FaceTime and make the place YOURS! 


So this is ellie louise hirst. A little bit of me with every blog post.


Love what you do and do what you love.



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