Hello February

February 1, 2017

Hello February, Hello Fresh Start, Hello A New Month.


So, we are already one whole month into 2017 and I’m not sure how to feel about that, I feel a little over whelmed and I feel like I just want to sit and reflect on everything which has already happened this year in such a short time. I think this month of blogging is going to be a massive reality kick for me – something to focus on, something to keep smiling about. I am a strong believer of everything happens for a reason, you end up at a certain place for a certain reason, you meet certain people for a reason, be in the right place right time. It’s so clichéd but in my head, it’s so real, it’s brought me all my happiness and let’s face it my sadness which has bundled together to create me, to create me at my highest and give me a snuggle of sadness at my lowest.


Let’s have a little wander back down memory lane and have a look back on my 2016. As Kylie Jenner said at the start of the year this year will be a year of ‘realising things’ and oh she wasn’t just correct in her own life, but mine as well. I saw 2016 in with a friend of mine, I went on a bad date, I saw Edinburgh for the first time and fell in love, I took endless photos of my shoes on public transport, I considered getting my nose pierced, I visited Birmingham for a reason which wasn’t a gig, I had endless nights of laughs with my friends, I cuddled lots of dogs, I started speaking to my best friend will, I went to an incredible amount of gigs, I was driving my dad everywhere he wanted to go, I fell in love with Lincoln, I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY, there was plenty of tears, a lot of cuddles with my bestest friend, my dad turned one year older but his ‘mental’ age decreased by 10, my mum turned 50, I finished college, I went on an incredible surprise holiday for my 18th, I TURNED 18, I saw one of mine and my dad’s favourite bands and yes there was tears, I had plenty of nights out, I went on a gals holiday, I saw my favourite musical live, I went to Leeds Festival, I got a tattoo and the most important of all, I packed everything from my little room in Huddersfield squished it into my mums car and headed off to Lincoln, I moved out. And it’s been a roller coaster of emotions ever since then.


I clobbered all the above from flicking through my IPhoto’s from the start of 2016 till current day. 3am on the 20th January having a massive urge to write. 2016 was one of my bestest and biggest years of my life. I met some incredible people towards the end of 2016 and my god I’m happy to have them in my life on the daily, I ‘lost’ some incredible people too, but we won’t go into the nitty gritty about them just yet.


I cannot explain how thrilled I am to be doing this month of blogging, so much so I want to post them the minute I’m writing them. This month is going to be a month of looking back, a month of realising, a month of a little ball of happy. There’s a lot that has been said in this little mini blog post and it will sure as heck all be explained throughout the month in a lot more detail and maybe a little more structured – I haven’t written this much text with thought and composition in a long while. So, stick with me.


So this is ellie louise hirst. A little bit of me with every blog post.


Love what you do and do what you love.



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